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Edit Alarm

ExpressionEngine 2

Edit Alarm v1.2 for EE2.x. Similar to Edit Alert for EE1.x - This extension alerts authors when another author is editing a resource they are accessing.

Edit Here

ExpressionEngine 2

Similar to Editor for EE1.x. This extension adds a little 'one click away' edit link or image next to your channel entries your website.


ExpressionEngine 2

When using the publish form, the structure tab displays a drop downbox by default. Structify gives you a couple enhancements which serves as visual aids. This accessory requires you to have the Structure module installed in order to work. This accessory is only ideal for sites that have a very large Structure tree where the page load of Structure becomes a performance problem. This accessory makes it easier to create pages via Content > Publish. Structify also checks to see if the user is trying to set the Structure parent entry to itself. If so, structify will hide the submit button and display a warning.

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