Sean Delaney

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Entry Data

ExpressionEngine 2

This simple plugin takes any given Entry ID or URL Title and returns the corresponding Entry Title or URL Title. Alternatively it can also return the Entry ID for any specified channel URL Title or Entry Title. Channel names and Site IDs for MSM are also supported.

Restrictee 1.2.2 - $6.00

ExpressionEngine 2

Restrictee is an interface that allows EE admins to restrict access to their web site based on IP addresses through the CP. Use Restrictee to block all access to your web site, only allowing those in your "allowed list". Supports MSM.

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Structure Monthly Archives

ExpressionEngine 2

Creates a monthly archive list based on Structure Pages or Listings by passing an Entry ID. Most useful for blog or news monthly archive lists. No need to rely on Channels to separate your entries. You could consider this simple plugin as an alternative to the Archive Month Links tag. Requires the Structure module to be installed.

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Template Info

ExpressionEngine 2

Template Info is a simple extension that displays basic template information about the primary template being rendered such as Template ID, Template Name, Template Group ID and Template Group Name. Global variables, passed early.