Nico De Gols

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EE2 Child Categories

ExpressionEngine 2

This is an EE2 port of the Child categories plugin which displays child categories of a certain category. This version also supports automatic display of child categories of the current category page.

NDG Brilliant Bridge

ExpressionEngine 2

NDG Brilliant Bridge allows a tight integration of Brilliant Retail products and your favorite EE addons. It brings standard channel entry functionality to your entire product catalog. You can let site visitors comment on your products, use an entry rating addon, keep track of favorites etc.. It closes the gap in an automated way so you can be flexible in whatever way you want to use BR.

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NDG Masked Input

ExpressionEngine 2

Allows you to define a mask format for the field input. This makes sure the correct format has been entered. An inline validation is added where the user is notified when the correct format has not been entered. A publish validation is added for fields that are marked as required. SafeCracker & Matrix Compatible

NDG Sidebar Structure

ExpressionEngine 2

An EE2 Accessory which adds the "Structure" addon tree in the control panel sidebar