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Channel Query

ExpressionEngine 2

This plugin lets you display channel entries using a custom SQL query. It brings you the benefits of combining the {exp:query} tag with the {exp:channel:entries} tag, without having to worry about GROUP_CONCAT or parse order.

CP Menu Master

ExpressionEngine 2

Take control of your control panel menus! CP Menu Master allows you to hide channels from the publish menu for ALL users, show channels as a sub-menu in the edit menu, and even display control panel menus on mouse-over instead of click. Think of all those seconds you will save!

CX Disqus Comments

ExpressionEngine 2

CX Disqus Comments allows you to easily add Disqus comments to your ExpressionEngine website. It also features two way comment sync - export your existing comments to Disqus with a single click, and automatically sync new Discus comments back to the ExpressionEngine database for SEO and backup purposes.

Easy iCalendar

ExpressionEngine 2

For too long, generating iCalendars with ExpressionEngine has been far too hard. iCalendar files fail to work for silly reasons like unix line endings, times in iCalendar are tricky, text formatting is even trickier. Easy iCalendar simplifies all this down to one standard EE tag.

Hidden Channels

ExpressionEngine 2

Hidden Channels has been rewritten with better stability and more options - see CP Menu Master


ExpressionEngine 2

ExpressionEngine stores your website URL and Server Path in a ridiculous number of places. REElocate helps you update these in one simple step.


ExpressionEngine 2

RSVP gives your members the ability to respond to events, with a Facebook-style interface. Members are sent confirmation emails, and administrators can then export the attendance list, or send updates to all members attending an event. Members can also see a list of other members who are attending an event.

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Twitter Search 2

ExpressionEngine 2

Find tweets based on a search string or geolocation.