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Category Image Manager

ExpressionEngine 2

Call Native File Manager when editing category on Publish Page

Ctrl+S to Save Template

ExpressionEngine 2

Helps to save template in a usual way. Just Ctrl+S (Cmd+S)...

Multi Relationships

ExpressionEngine 2

Addon is for EE 2.5. Extends the standard relationships field as a multiple relationships field.

Uses native tags {related_entries} and {reverse_related_entries}.

{mrelshp:ids field=“my_field”} returns pipe list of related entries IDs.

Allowed multiple fields.

In pack added MR2 release.


ExpressionEngine 1.x, ExpressionEngine 2

Returns segments in a back order. It's like a {segment_1} and so on, but on vice versa: {tnemges_1} = last segment, {tnemges_2} previous to last segment. Ignore pagination segment by default.

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Updatable Select Dropdown

ExpressionEngine 2

Enable to add a new item in Select Dropdown custom field on a Publish Page. Supports multiple fields on a Publish Page.