Brett DeWoody

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Entry Lottoree

Entry Lottoree allows you to display X random entries from your exp:channel:entries loop. For example, a random entry from your 10 most recent entries.


Flickr for ExpressionEngine happily marries Flickr and your EE-powered website. The add-on gives you several options for integrating Flickr - a Flickr Fieldtype, a handful of template tags, and Wygwam/Matrix compatibility.


Gooee allows you to bind your entries together with a snippet of text. The text can be anything your heart desires; an image, some HTML, text, etc. This is useful if you want to display something BETWEEN your entries, but not after the last entry in the loop.

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Hacksaw takes your entry's content and whittles it down to a more manageable size. It strips the HTML and limits the excerpts by character count, word count or cutoff marker.


Inflector provides several functions to change words to plural, singular, camel case, etc.

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