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Robust and Clean ExpressionEngine Field Instructions with jQuery in the Control Panel

01.19.09 by Ryan Masuga

ExpressionEngine’s field instructions are a fantastic way to give your user all the information they need to effectively manage their content—but your notes may get lengthy and clutter up the Publish and Edit pages. With jQuery in the control panel it is easy to toggle extended instructions, and devot:ee will show you how.

Flexible JavaScript and CSS File Inclusion for ExpressionEngine with embeds and PHP

01.13.09 by Ryan Masuga

How to use an embed and a little PHP to create an easy, flexible way to include global scripts or stylesheets, and also allow for adding links to extra files on a per-template basis.

Fix-It-Yourself Extensions, or The Field Formatting Fiasco

01.08.09 by Tim Kelty

ExpressionEngine 1.6.5+ made a significant change to the typography class so that many custom field extensions broke. Here are some simple instructions that can help you avoid broken templates.

First Annual AcademEE Awards

12.22.08 by Ryan Masuga

The 1st Annual AcadamEE awards are issued by devot:ee for the best add-ons and the top EE developer for 2008.

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