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Stringer is useful for manipulating text/strings in different ways and allows you to access and modify strings using PHP while not enabling PHP in templates.

1) Striptags - Remove all HTML tag from your content

There are several parameters you can use to control how the content is truncated.

These options are:

chars_start = “”    // Start char to limit number of character
chars           = “”    // Limit by number of characters
words         = “”      // Limit by number of words
cutoff         = “”    // Limit by a specific cutoff string
append       = “”    // String to append to the end of the excerpt
allow_tags   = “”    // HTML tags you want to allow

{exp:stringer:striptags allow_tags="<p>|<em>|<strong>"}
{exp:stringer:striptags allow_tags="<a>|<blockquote>|<p>" append="..." words="50"}
{exp:stringer:striptags allow_tags="<a>" cutoff="<!-- More -->"  append="..."}
{exp:stringer:striptags allow_tags="<p>" chars_start="10" chars="50" append="..."}

2) Tags - Allow All HTML tag but Remove particular HTML tags from your content.

There is one parameters for remove particular tags.

remove_tags   = “”  // HTML tag you want to remove

{exp:stringer:tags remove_tags="<a>|<blockquote>|<p>"}

3) Stringer provides the following useful text manipulations as well

{exp:stringer:uppercase}this string is uppercase.{/exp:stringer:uppercase}

{exp:stringer:lowercase}THIS STRING IS LOWERCASE{/exp:stringer:lowercase}

{exp:stringer:uppercasefirst}this string first character upppercase{/exp:stringer:uppercasefirst}

{exp:stringer:charlength}number of characters in a string.{/exp:stringer:charlength}

{exp:stringer:wordlength}string total words length{/exp:stringer:wordlength}

{exp:stringer:find_replace find="text|and" replace="string|or"}Multiple text find and replace{/exp:stringer:find_replace}

{exp:stringer:find_replace find="|" replace="/"}slash|replace|{/exp:stringer:find_replace}

{exp:stringer:numberformat decimals="2" dec_point="." thousands_sep=","}1234567890{/exp:stringer:numberformat}

{exp:stringer:trim side="left"} string trimming! {/exp:stringer:trim} 
- side[left,right,both]

{exp:stringer:slug separator="-" case="lower"}Generate Slug{/exp:stringer:slug}
- case [=lower, upper, nochange]

{exp:stringer:wordwrap width="5" break="<br>" cut="true"}This is wordwarp string{/exp:stringer:wordwrap}

{exp:stringer:hash algo="encode"}This is an encoded string'{/exp:stringer:hash} - base64 encode

{exp:stringer:hash algo="decode"}VGhpcyBpcyBhbiBlbmNvZGVkIHN0cmluZyc={/exp:stringer:hash} - base64 decode

{exp:stringer:hash algo="md5"}password{/exp:stringer:hash}
- algo [="decode","encode","md2", "md4", "md5", "sha1", "sha224", "sha256", "sha384",
"sha512", "ripemd128", "ripemd160", "ripemd256", "ripemd320", "whirlpool",
"tiger128,3", "tiger160,3", "tiger192,3", "tiger128,4", "tiger160,4", "tiger192,4",
"snefru", "snefru256", "gost", "gost-crypto", "adler32", "crc32", "crc32b",
"fnv132", "fnv1a32", "fnv164", "fnv1a64", "joaat", "haval128,3", "haval160,3",
"haval192,3", "haval224,3", "haval256,3", "haval128,4", "haval160,4", "haval192,4", "
haval224,4", "haval256,4", "haval128,5", "haval160,5", "haval192,5", "haval224,5", "haval256,5"]

Explode splits a given string by a given separator

{exp:stringer:explode separator="," string="93 Old Pacific Dr, Pembroke Pines, FL,33028"}
    Street: {string1}<br>
    City: {string2}<br>
    State: {string3}<br>
    Zip : {string4}

Example Output:

Street: 93 Old Pacific Dr
City: Pembroke Pines
State: FL
Zip : 33028

Download Zeal Stringer

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2.7.0+ Download 1.0.3 Jul 11, 2018

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stefanos 04.25.18

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Very useful add-on for manipulate easily text and / or strings.

As always ZealousWeb provides great add-ons !