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This plugin allows you to display current weather conditions, and forecast for the next day in a particular city. The weather conditions are provided using the weather information from Yahoo Weather. It's possible to use custom icons.

Tags available from the plugin
City Info:
- {city} City name;
- {country} Country Code;

Current weather conditions:
- {current_condition_temp_c} Current temperature
- {current_condition_temp_low} Today Low temperature
- {current_condition_temp_high} Today High temperature
- {current_condition_text} Textual description of the current weather conditions
- {current_condition_code}.png Icon weathers

Tomorrow weather forecast
- {tomorrow_average} Average temperature
- {tomorrow_min} Tomorrow Low temperature
- {tomorrow_max} Tomorrow High temperature
- {tomorrow_text} Textual description of the current weather conditions
- {tomorrow_code}.png Icon weathers
- {tomorrow}.png Value ENABLE or DISABLE

{exp:yahoo_weather location=“UKXX0085” language=“en” unit=“c”}

location: your city location:
language: translate textual condition (support is provided for English and Italian, it and en)
unit: unit of measure (c for Celsius, f for Fahrenheit)
tomorrow: to disable tomorrow’s forecast set to disable. (In some cases yahoo does not have tomorrow’s data on a particular city.)

Weather Location Codes
Find your city code (8 characters) from:


  1. Rome: ITXX0067
  3. London: UKXX0085


{exp:yahoo_weather location="UKXX0085" language="en" unit="c" tomorrow="disable" }

{if '{error}'=='FALSE'}
    City Info
    City: {city}
Country: {country}
Current Condition condition: {current_condition_text} current temperature: {current_condition_temp_c} Yahoo icons: src="{current_condition_code}.gif" icon: {current_condition_code}.png Custom icon: img src="/img/{current_condition_code}.png" Current low temperature: {current_condition_temp_low} Current high temperature: {current_condition_temp_high} {if '{tomorrow}'=='ENABLE'} Tomorrow low temperature: {tomorrow_min} max temperature: {tomorrow_max} Description: {tomorrow_text} img src="{tomorrow_code}.gif" icon: {tomorrow_code}.png
Custom icon: img src="/img/{tomorrow_code}.png" {/if} {/if} {if '{error}'=='TRUE'} Forecasts aren't available. {/if} {/exp:yahoo_weather}

Yahoo Condition Code
Condition codes are used in to describe the current conditions.

If you want to personalize conditions image icon, you must provide this set of icons:

Code Description
0 tornado
1 tropical storm
2 hurricane
3 severe thunderstorms
4 thunderstorms
5 mixed rain and snow
6 mixed rain and sleet
7 mixed snow and sleet
8 freezing drizzle
9 drizzle
10 freezing rain
11 showers
12 showers
13 snow flurries
14 light snow showers
15 blowing snow
16 snow
17 hail
18 sleet
19 dust
20 foggy
21 haze
22 smoky
23 blustery
24 windy
25 cold
26 cloudy
27 mostly cloudy (night)
28 mostly cloudy (day)
29 partly cloudy (night)
30 partly cloudy (day)
31 clear (night)
32 sunny
33 fair (night)
34 fair (day)
35 mixed rain and hail
36 hot
37 isolated thunderstorms
38 scattered thunderstorms
39 scattered thunderstorms
40 scattered showers
41 heavy snow
42 scattered snow showers
43 heavy snow
44 partly cloudy
45 thundershowers
46 snow showers
47 isolated thundershowers
3200 not available

This allows you to create your own custom icons.
<img src=”/img/{current_condition_code}.png”>


Yahoo Weather returns "Forecasts aren't available" when Yahoo web service isn't available or the city code is wrong.

Officially supported through Devot-ee Support Topics


  • Version 2.0.0: OAuth authentication to new Yahoo API. Docs included in zip file.
  • Version 1.2.0: Bug fix; add “tomorrow” parameter to disable tomorrow forecast
  • Version 1.1.0: Add “unit” parameter to support Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Version 1.0.2: Add error status, when Yahoo server doesn’t respond
  • Version 1.0.1: Add language parameter. Support ‘it’ for italian and ‘en’ for english
  • Version 1.0.0: Initial release

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