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Add-On Type(s)



Provides a math template tag capable of performing relatively complex mathematical evaluations.

This tag provides class that provides math evaluation can handle relatively complex evaluations, including basic math functions such as round() and rand().

There are two types of tags available: a single tag that evaluates math expressions, and a pair tag that adds a new syntax for evaluation of expressions in-line with other conditional logic.

Single Tag

Basic math:

12 * 12 = {exp:will_hunting:solve exp="12 * 12"}

Generating previous and next integers for custom pagination links from a page parameter (in this case retrieved using Super Globals):

prev_page = {exp:will_hunting:solve exp="{get:page} - 1"}
next_page = {exp:will_hunting:solve exp="{get:page} + 1"}

Tag Pair

The tag pair is meant to be wrapped around an entire loop of content or other large section where you would like to perform multiple math operations, and introduces support for a much more functional and simpler syntax. This can often times completely replace PHP since it still includes support for the functions listed at the end of the page.

The pair tag is shown in this example:


Another example for the experimental syntax, using conditionals to show a fake no results message. Note in this example, x is a custom field on the only weblog in the test instance, and none of the entries have x set to 3.

Note: All variables in Will Hunting must start with a $ sign so that it can tell them apart from normal ExpressionEngine variables.

  start count = {$count}
  {exp:weblog:entries parse="inward"}
    {if no_results}
      Real no results!
    {if x == 3}{
      {entry_id} {title}

  count = {$count}
  {if {$count} == 0}
      {if {$no_results} == 0}
          Fake no entries!

The tag pair also creates a new layer of conditional evaluation which occurs in order along with expression evaluations, at the time that the will_hunting tag is called.


    one = {$count}<br/>
    {if {$count} > 1}
        Greater than 1 ({$count})!<br/>
    two = {$count}<br/>
    {if {$count} > 1}
        Greater than 1 ({$count})!<br/>

Will Hunting also supports future variable references in the form of {%variable_name}. These variables will br parsed as the very last action to allow their final values to be references before they are defined. No further manipulation can be done on the variables at this point.

    Final %count: {%count}
{$count=0} {$count=$count+1} {$count=$count+1} Last normal count: {$count}


Will Hunting provides the following functions in addition to basic math operators.


Returns the absolute value of n.


Returns the next highest integer value by rounding up value if necessary.


Returns the next lowest integer value by rounding down value if necessary.


Returns the integer value of n, using base 10 for the conversion.


Returns the largest of the provided numbers.


Returns the smallest of the provided numbers.

mod(n1, n2)

Performs a mod operation on n1/n2.

rand(n1, n2)

Returns a pseudo-random integer from n1 to n2.

round(n, p)

Rounds n to precision p.

Additional Functions?

If you need any additional functions please let me know in the forum and I’ll add them!

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