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This extension allows you to assign weblogs on per-member basis.

There is a quite popular feature request - to allow membership in multiple groups. One of the main reasons for such feature is the need to have more power in assigning weblogs to users.

For example, if you have 3 weblogs - A, B and C - and need to allow some users to post into A, some others - into B, yet some others into C, yet some others into A and B, yet some others into A and C etc., then for managing weblog permissions you need a lot of member groups. To be exact, if you have number N of weblogs, you may need N² - 1 member groups.

To solve the problem of too many member groups I created Weblog Rights extension. It allows you to assign weblogs on per-member basis. So, for managing weblog permissions of the above example you will need only 1 member group.

For this extension to work a hack is needed.

In /system/core/core.functions.php
around line: 1195 (inside function fetch_assigned_weblogs($all_sites = FALSE) )


return array_values($allowed_blogs);

Replace it with:

// -------------------------------------------
// 'assigned_weblogs_array' hook.
//  - Exclude/Include weblogs in the asigned weblogs array.
global $EXT; 
if ($EXT->active_hook('assigned_weblogs_array') === TRUE)
 $allowed_blogs = $EXT->call_extension('assigned_weblogs_array', $allowed_blogs);

return array_values($allowed_blogs);

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Hooks Used

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  1. show_full_control_panel_end
  2. show_full_control_panel_start

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