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Unit Converter is a simple custom field type which enables to set different units and their values. It can be useful for setting different measurement units. It's almost same like mobile's Unit Converter app. For example, you are having a custom field for entering the value in kg and would like to populate the values in different weight measurement units. You can easily set the units from the field's setting and populate at front end for the same. You can find more details here at http://www.w3care.com/blog/detail/our-latest-launch-unit-converter-add-on-for-expressionengine/

Overview: This is simple field type which works on the basic definition of Unit Converter “Conversion of units is the conversion between different units of measurement for the same quantity, typically through multiplicative conversion factors”.
So the different units of measurement for the same quality can be set from the custom field’s setting.
You can understand the functioning of this field type with this example.
Let you would like to create a field for temperature and would like to populate the template in units like Celsius (C), Fahrenheit (F)
and Kelvin (K).
To achieve it, you either create 3 fields for all 3 units or create 1 field for a unit and put some mathematical calculation within the template to show the temperature in different units. The addon has been upgraded for the EE 3.0, EE 3.0.1, EE3.0.2 versions.
Installation: The download contains EE3 version.
ExpressionEngine 3.+
• Download and unzip unit converter
• Copy the system/user/addons/unit_convertor folder to your system/user/addons/unit_convertor directory
• Copy the system/user/language/english/ folder to your Copy the system/user/language/english/  directory
• In your Control Panel, go to Add-Ons Manager and click the Install-link in the unit convertor.

Adding a Unit Converter Field to the Publish Page
Once Unit Converter is installed, you can add a Unit Converter to the Publish Page by following these steps:
1. Go to your Custom Field settings
o EE3: Channel Manager → Field Group → Fields
2. Click the “Create New” link beside your field group
3. Give the new field a name and a label, and choose “Unit Converter ” in the Field Type dropdown
4. Configure the Unit Converter field to suit your needs

5. Click the Submit button

Template Tags:
Simple Primary Tag Pair

Length in Millimeter: {length_in_mm}

Example :

Floating Primary Tag Pair:
{temprature_in_celsius decimals=“2” decimal_point=”.” thousands_separator=”,”}

Celsius to Rankine: {Celsius_to_Rankine}

Example :

1 Celsius = 252.23 Fahrenheit

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