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  • jQuery for the Control Panel

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Transcribe is an ExpressionEngine addon that makes the creation of multi-lingual ExpressionEngine websites as simple as content population. Transcribe includes the ability to create translations of your Template Groups and template names, as well as the ability to inject a language specific segment into your URI site-wide.

With Transcribe you can now build multi-language websites by simply populating content.  You no longer have to mess around with template logic surrounding segments or statuses.

Transcribe is a fully featured solution for creating multi-lingual websites in ExpressionEngine. Transcribe handles everything from word/phrase translation to channel entry management between languages and even url translation/routing!

Transcribe includes the ability to

  • Create translations of your template routes
  • Switch Channel content between languages without having to update templates
  • Inject a language URL segment into your site globally
  • Specify variables in your templates to be swapped between languages
  • Relate entries between languages
  • Build language specific Structure Trees
  • Enable and Disable languages on your site

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