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Zoo Flexible Admin

ExpressionEngine 2

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Zoo Flexible Admin & Better Workflow

Bug Report


Hi Nico,

Is it possible to make Zoo Flexible Admin work along with Better Workflow?

Currently, we’re using the most up-to-date add-on versions (Zoo Flexible Admin 1.83 and Better Workflow with EE 2.9.2. Editing and previewing the menus works well with both add-ons enabled, but viewing the menus will not work with Better Workflow enabled. Once disabled, Zoo Flexible Admin’s custom menus work for the different groups.

When the menus don’t work, they are missing. The HTML shows the original EE navigation tree, but the visibility has been disabled. If a group’s menus are reset to default, they will original EE navigation tree is visible (even with both add-ons enabled). I’ve tried recreating a new set of menus for a group, but they still do not show up.

I will be posting a similar help request with Better Workflow soon.

I appreciate any help you can provide!