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Zoo Flexible Admin

ExpressionEngine 2

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Home Icon Issue

Bug Report

Lewis Communications
Lewis Communications


I noticed that the home icon was not showing when logged in with a client’s account. It turned out that Flexible Admin was providing an incorrect path that had https:// added onto the relative file path. After reading through the forum, I found a user-posted fix that entailed modifying line 94 of the mod.zoo_flexible_admin.php file with this line:

$navhtml .= '<li class="' $className '"  id="' $id '" ><a href="' $item->url '" class="first_level">' str_replace("https://"""str_replace("http://"""str_replace($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']""str_replace('"''\"'$item->title)))) . '</a>'

This works to remove the https:// from the filepath so that the home icon renders, however I wanted to submit this issue to be resolved as this is clearly a temporary fix.

Using EE 2.9.2

Thank you.