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Lost all settings after upgrade to 1.5.2

Support (Resolved)

Ahmed Bashir Tahir
Ahmed Bashir Tahir


Just upgraded to the latest version (from 1.1) and lost all settings we previously had for different member groups.  Is it normal or something went wrong?  Looks daunting to set all the previous settings once again.  An urgent response would be highly appreciated.



Forgot to mention that on module settings page had PHP errors too.  Now they seem gone (can’t figure out how)

Nicolas Bottari - Zenbu Studio
# 1
Nicolas Bottari - Zenbu Studio

Hi Ahmed,

Do you have a backup of your previous Zenbu data when you were on 1.1?
Although a number of features and database changes have been brought into Zenbu since 1.1 such as additional database columns and updated data, data shouldn’t get erased.
Have you completed the upgrade by visiting the EE Modules section and clicking the top right “Update Modules” button?
Also, have you received any errors during the upgrade?

Nicolas Bottari - Zenbu Studio
# 2
Nicolas Bottari - Zenbu Studio

Can you tell me what the PHP errors were?

Ahmed Bashir Tahir
# 3
Ahmed Bashir Tahir

Hi Nicolas,

Many thanks for your quick response and accept my apologies for late followup.  I was away during weekend for 2 days.  We have redone the settings and all seems to work fine.  PHP errors popped up on first visit only and never showed up again.  Can’t tell exactly what the errors were.  Anyhow, it is fine for now and will get back to you if needed.  You can close the thread now.

Once again thanks for such a great support.

Love, light and peace.

Nicolas Bottari - Zenbu Studio
# 4
Nicolas Bottari - Zenbu Studio

Thanks for getting back to me, Ahmed. Glad to hear you’re settled now.
If you happen to encounter these errors again, please feel free to drop me a line here.

I’ll mark this thread as resolved. Thanks!

EDIT: Thanks for the positive review. Very kind of you! :)