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Performance Issue: Zenbu is really slow to load

Support (Resolved)


First of all, love the add-on and hope to be able to use it in a variety of ways. However, after installing on EE 3.5.2, I’m having serious performance issues in my admin. When trying to load any part of the add-on, including listing entries or even changing the display settings, the load times are over 90 seconds, if not more.

Oddly, it is also loading the entries in a very odd form. It loads the results and shows results 1 to 25 out of 509 (so results are there), but a ton of whitespace before the first entry and any subsequent entries. Screenshots are attached.

As a reference, all of the other admin pages (files, add-on, create content) load instantly. I’ve got roughly 5,000 total entries on my site. The EE stock “edit” loads instantly when the add-on is disabled.

Nicolas Bottari - Zenbu Studio
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Nicolas Bottari - Zenbu Studio

Closing this one as this was answered privately by email. If anyone has a similar question feel free to drop me a line from zenbustudio.com. Upgrading to Zenbu 2.2.0 or higher should also improve overall performance as there were performance tweaks in that release.