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Weblog Entries Exporter

ExpressionEngine 1.x

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Exporting Matrix and Playa Fields

Support Request


Hey there

I have recently been attempting to export weblog entries from an EE1 site into a EE2 site. I found your plugin to be one of the only ones available to export EE1 entries. But what I want to ask is that does it have full compatibility in exporting Matrix and Playa fieldtypes?

The data seems to be in the CSV/XML export file but when it comes to importing it into the EE2 site, I’m unable to map the specific data fields for Playa and Matrix fields.

I am using Solspace Importer to import the data and I know that it supports both Playa and Matrix. So that leads me to think that there maybe an issue with the exporting process

Are you able to shed some light on this for me

Thanks a lot