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Tag Pair

Feature Request


Hi Eli,

It would be great if you could use a tag pair with VZ Picky, in order to have full control over the output.

I’ve got an Advanced Search form using Low Search, and need to add a conditional to each option in order to set the selected state (so the user can see which options they have searched on). This is the sort of situation where the parameters of the single tag aren’t quite enough, and it could really do with a tag pair in order to have full control over the code.

Moving away from Advanced Searches, and I also wanted to use this to output a bunch of values in a list with other markup, and this was another example of where a tag pair would be useful.

I doubt this is a trivial feature to add, but I thought I’d post the feature request anyway whilst it was fresh in my mind. :-)



Eli Van Zoeren
# 1
Eli Van Zoeren

That’s an excellent idea, Stephen. And it actually shouldn’t be too difficult to add. I’ll put it on my list and let you know when I have a chance to work on it…hopefully semi-soon.

# 2

Thanks great to hear, thanks Eli! :-)