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Error on EE 2.4

Bug Report

Wouter Vervloet
Wouter Vervloet

I just installed Transcribe on EE 2.4.0 and immediately got a blank page on the CP. I checked it out and it was trying to redirect me to a different page in the transcribe_session_start method…

Since this module isn’t supposed to redirect anything in the CP, I added a little piece of code to the transcribe_session_start method in Transcribe_ext:

public function transcribe_session_start$object )
if (REQ == 'CP') return FALSE

– Wouter


# 1

Hi Wouter,

Thanks for passing this one along… We’ll add it for sure.  We do have a check for the CP currently, (checking for system dir… which obviously isn’t going to work 100% of the time.. oops)

Thanks again!

Just as a quick FYI, we don’t actually offer support here.  Please email help [at] eeharbor.com.. Just happened to catch this one :)


-Tom Jaeger