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Code within Tied Entries tag pair gets critically truncated



Are there major differences in parsing of white space, html brackets, quotes etc between Tied Entries for EE1 and EE2?

I’m converting a site to EE2.  After updating the Tied Entries syntax I get the expected entries and no Tied Entries errors with debug=“y”.  BUT much of my layout and conditionals within a Tied Entries tag pair gets intermittently and critically truncated when rendered.

For example, template code within a Tied Entries tag pair like this:

<div class="span-4 iconics" style="margin-right:5px; margin-top:10px; height:250px;"

is rendered in a truncated way:

<div class="span-4 iconics"  margin-top:10pxheight:250px;"> 

and template code with different spacing:

<div class="span-4 iconics" style="margin-right:5px;margin-top:10px;height:250px;"

is also rendered in a truncated way, but differently:

<div class="span-4 iconics"

That’s just one simple example. There are many other similar issues, mostly truncation but also some duplication. I haven’t been able to determine a predictable pattern yet.

My EE1 version with Tied Entries has no such issues. 

Any suggestions would be most welcome!  Thanks.

EE 2.5.5
Tied Entries 2.1.4
Playa 4.3.3
and a bunch of other addons

# 1

In case it helps, here are my opening tags. Both are within a Weblog/Channel entries loop.  Relationships are standard, not Playa.


{exp:tied_entries entry_id="{entry_id}" tie="<genus<species" status="not closed" orderby="title" sort="asc" parse="inward"


{exp:tied_entries this_entry_id="{entry_id}" tie="<genus:genus_morphology<species:species_genus" status="not closed" orderby="title" sort="asc" parse="inward"
# 2

Ahhh… I just looked at the code in pi.tied_entries 2.1.4.  And I see that output is handled by Tied Entries, not channel:entries.  More specifically, default output is first run through xss_clean (line 689).  Such cleaning can be avoided by adding the parameter allow_php = “y”. 

That fixes most of my issues.  However, I’m getting fatal errors with at least one addon running within the Tied Entries loop via parse=“inward”.  Errors that didn’t exist in EE 1.  After I isolate them, I’ll start another thread if they seem related to Tied Entries…