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Where to download the free-to-test version? errors.


Jannis Gundermann
Jannis Gundermann

Hi Adam,

I think I’ve got a project where I will need this add-on but I’m not entirely sure yet how it will all come together and whether Tied Entries will be the salvation for exp:query uses in my templates.

I’ve tried signing up to your site at but all I’m seeing is an EE error prohibiting signups so I’m not able to sign up to download the free copy you mention on the Devot-ee page for testing out the functionality of the add-on.

Just FYI the error on your page is this:


The following tag has a syntax error


Please correct the syntax in your template

Since I can’t test things out just yet, perhaps I can ask you this question and you can give me a heads up on whether Tied Entries will be able to help in this:

I have 3 channels (events, event_data, users).
A user can have friends they are following using a Playa 4 relationship field in the users channel (user_friends).

events holds the general event details (start/end date/times, description, etc)

event_data will hold a user’s individual race times which is linked to user and event via 2 separate Playa 4 fields (event_data_event_id and event_data_user_id)

In my templates I now need to display a list of race results of the current user and their friends.
To do so, I will need to user the event’s entry_id which I’ve got from the session and the current_user id which is of course also in the session.

Then I need to construct a query which finds the event_data for the current_user and the current user’s user_friends of the currently viewed event_id and show that in my template.

I believe I can do this with a couple of embeds and a custom SQL query but ideally I might be able to use Tied Entries instead.

What are your thoughts on this?

Oh and please let me know if there is still a “free to test” version of this plugin around so I can try this out in my own templates.


Adam Khan
# 1
Adam Khan

Apologies, registration fixed.

If you already have the person and race ids, then it looks like you could get the user’s own race results with just the exp:playa:children tag alone.

To get the friends’ as well, Tied Entries could be useful, but I think you’d still have to do some filtering outside of the tag. Starting with the user’s entry id (not his member id), your tie parameter value would probably be “>user_friends<event_data>race_time” but you’d still have to filter for this particular race within the plugin’s loop.

Jannis Gundermann
# 2
Jannis Gundermann

Gotcha, thanks a lot for the speedy reply.

I will give Tied Entries a go and see how far I can get using it in these templates.

Thanks again.