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Only getting Error in your sql syntax


Werner Gusset
Werner Gusset

After constantly getting errors with Tied:entries I started to build exatly your sample with Songs, Albums, Bands on that site where I got the original troubles.

But I don’t manage to get the simple test case running. I get always a sql syntax error like this

SELECT r.rel_child_id AS result_id FROM exp_channel_data AS d, exp_relationships AS r WHERE d.field_id_165 = r.rel_id AND d.entry_id = (SELECT r.rel_child_id AS result_id FROM exp_channel_data AS d, exp_relationships AS r WHERE d.field_id_164 = r.rel_id AND d.entry_id = 6170)) ORDER BY d.entry_id ;

I build the same case with songs, albums, bands on another site with MSM and there I also get these errors (I use site=“sitename”).

Checking the relations with standard EE-Tags and embeds do display songs, albums, bands correct.

I spent hours with this and would appreciate some help.


Edit: I wrote yesterday on your site that only one Playa field in the chain is accepted and the only EE relationship fileds. This morning I replaced the remaining Playa filed with a EE relationship and from then on, tied entries did no more get date 2 tables away.

Adam Khan
# 1
Adam Khan


Please accept my apologies for dropping the ball here.

In the meantime, I’ve been in touch with your colleague Res and got you a refund.

At any rate, the problem is now fixed in v1.5 of the plugin.

Werner Gusset
# 2
Werner Gusset

Thank you Adam

I’ll go and test the 1.5 version. No, I don’t need a refund.


Werner Gusset
# 3
Werner Gusset

Version 1.5.1 does solve the problems I had. Now I really can give 5 stars.

Thanks für the support.