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Would this be possible?

Feature Request


This addon looks awesome! Nice job!

Just wondering if the following is in the pipeline for the future?

- wysiwyg editor would be awesome
- is there a custom config path for snippets? We use snippet sync and it wold be great to tie the two up.

Thanks. This is such a good idea!

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Exotic Objects

Hey TC,

Re: WYSIWYG - We’ve been working on the ability to edit Channel Entry fields with this tool and in that case we would definitely need a WYSIWYG editor.  But we don’t want to invent our own inputs for this, we’d try to use whatever field type is used in the admin. So if you used, for example, a Wyvern field, you’d get Wyvern in Text Snippets. TL;DR: Yes

Re: Custom config path for snippets - Yes, we originally developed this while using Snippet Sync. So the ability is there but has been disabled until we can elegantly enable it and configure it for people with out snippet sync (and with!)