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Passive Node



I’m looking to move over from NavEE and don’t see the option for a “Passive Node”. This allowed us to have a URL linked multiple times in a navigation but when it’s clicked on it shows the correct sidebar nav and not one of the ones that are noted as passive.

Is this something that can be accomplished with Super Navigation? We have several very large (hundreds of entries) navigation so I’m wondering if that will pose any issues either.

Amici Infotech
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Amici Infotech

Hey, Yes, Passive node can be added with Super Navigation. Not only that, but you can add entries and/or categories with just a selection. Plugin respects Pages and Structure module links. if you have direct urls like blog pages or something, you can set URL patterns and plugin will take care of the rest. I would suggest to go through documentation.

Overall, You are looking at the right plugin as an NavEE alternative.