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Store : Custom Inventory Columns

ExpressionEngine 2

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Feature Request


Have a question about your add-on for Store. I notice on your screen shoots that it appears I can change price, sale price and if sale is enabled. Can this be done for many items on same page at once then press save?

Also can this also work for changing the qty available? I have a client that will be listing their pos inventory from their walk in store locations on line, and would like a simple way for them to just change the available qty quickly and easily. Verses going into every single item and edit them.


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Hi Mike

the price / sale price edit is actually a native Store function and has nothing to do with our extension. But yes, you can edit as many as you like at once.

As for the Quantity, currently you cannot edit the quantity on the fly like you can the price - this is because each item can have several variations (modifiers) and as such, the qty might not apply to all variations.

You’ll need to make a feature request over at http://exp-resso.com/ - but as I said, I’m not sure how feasible this will be due to the modifiers.

All the best,