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Sales Query for SocialEE



I am thinking of implementing a linked-in/facebook/twitter log-in with my current client’s project.
Could you please answer the following queries for me:

1. Can I just have a single log-in with linked-in button on my project while also give users the ability to comment using their facebook credentials?
2. How hard is this to implement? I am a non-developer but pretty well familiar with EE
3. Can I run this with the basic free account at the site you are linked to?

# 1

Hey Amit, sorry I didn’t see this earlier.
1. That’s possible though it probably won’t be as elegant as you might think. Try creating a new sign in widget on Janrain to see what I mean.
2. It’s much easier with the new version we just released, but it hasn’t been the most straight forward add-on to implement. We’ll support you on your quest however. :)
3. Yes, it will work for social sign-in.