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Unauthorized | Snaptcha field not found

Support (Resolved)


Alerted today from our Marketing director he’s gotten e-mails saying they can’t fill out our applications on any Career posting.

We get an unauthorized error, I’ve traced that error to be caused by Snaptcha (as the Error Message is configured in the snaptcha plugin settings and is the same as the user receives).

Nothing has changed between it working and not working from the server perspective. (EC2) I attempted the latest CraftCMS update before finding out it was Snaptcha causing the issue.

We are using 1.3.1 on Craft 2.7.8

Craft was 2.7.2 until today’s update. However this issue has been going on since as far back as 2019-03-28 when we got our last Contact form. We typically get an application every day or every other day and haven’t been getting any.

My question is how can I update to a new version compatible with Craft 2? (I’m thinking 1.7.6) Can you provide a download link?

We aren’t ready to move to Craft 3 yet, so the open repo with Snaptcha.zips isn’t useful for me.


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Hi Kyle, this is the support forum for Expression Engine add-ons. If you need support for the Craft plugin then please post an issue here.

If you can send your purchase receipt to info@putyourlightson.net then we will email you the legacy version of the plugin for Craft 2.