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Snaptcha Freemember registering failing…

Support (Resolved)

Nine Four Ltd.
Nine Four Ltd.


We have a site running Snaptcha 1.7.6 with Freemember 2.3.2 and EE 2.8.1. I appreciate these are legacy, and we hope to upgrade soon.

Overall Snaptcha works very well, however a couple of times a month we get a user notify us that they can not register, they see the default “Error Message”.

Our Snaptcha Security level is set to High.

Personally I have not be able to replicate this, but I do have a member of the team that can.

Wonder if you have any initial thoughts based on previous issues or steps to help us identify what this is happening for some legitimate registrations?

Kindest regards,


Nine Four Ltd.
# 1
Nine Four Ltd.

Here the error from the log:

2019-03-12T11:53:27+00:00 Rejected form submission at xxxxxx/member/register from XX.XX.XX (Snaptcha field not found in database)

Nine Four Ltd.
# 2
Nine Four Ltd.

o.k following the last comment from the log, we noticed that the IP is IPv6. Looking at the database table ‘exp_snaptcha’ we can see the field “ip_address” is set to 16 characters.Increasing this to 100 characters and testing worked.

Is there anything else we should change in the add-on to accommodate these longer IPs?

# 3

Yes, you’re right, 39 characters is required to store IPv6 addresses. We’ll fix this in the next release. Thanks!