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301 redirect URLs in log

Support (Resolved)


I’m having the same issue as in this old resolved topic https://devot-ee.com/add-ons/support/snaptcha/viewthread/15303

I’m using Snaptcha 1.7.6 at the high setting with EE 2.11.2 on a recently launched site and most of the errors in the log file are of the format:
Rejected form submission at http://old-contact-url-with-301-status from IP (Snaptcha field not found in database)

The old site contact page URL is redirected to the new form page with status 301 in htaccess.
I’ve put the old contact URL in some header checker tools to confirm this and that the new contact form page then loads with 200.

So I’m wondering why the old URL is the one being logged, and am concerned about the possibility of valid submissions being rejected that could somehow be connected to this.

In case it’s relevant, the contact form is done using Freeform Pro and it submits via ajax.

Thanks for your time,

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Hi Janine, can you please post a test link or send to info@putyourlightson.net and we’ll take a closer look?