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Timeout issues?

Support (Resolved)

Paul Cripps
Paul Cripps

THis is more of a query and fact finding.

We have a site EE v2.8.1 with Snaptcha 1.7.6. Snaptcha is being used on a {exp:channel:form} and we’re using the medium security option.

The client has mentioned that some users are experiencing timeout issues with the form.

We’ve not managed to replicate this yet, but I wanted to check if there is anything you were aware of that may be related to Snaptcha.

I suspect there is not but wanted to tripple check here first :)

# 1

Snaptcha has a timeout of 1 hour per form, however this is only enforced in the high security level. This is more likely a server session timeout which is often set at 20 minutes.

Hope that helps!!