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Language Error

Support (Resolved)


After uploading the sitemap folder to third_party, I am receiving the following error on the Modules screen:

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Warning

Message: include(): Failed opening ‘C:\xampp\htdocs\system/expressionengine/third_party/sitemap/language/english/lang.sitemap.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.;C:\\\\\\\\xampp\\\\\\\\php\\\\\\\\PEAR’)

Filename: core/EE_Lang.php

Line Number: 167

# 1

what version of EE are you on? do you have other modules installed and working? can you confirm that expressionengine/third_party/sitemap/language/english/lang.sitemap.php exists and is readable?

# 2

Version v2.5.3.

Other Plugins installed and running:

ImageSizer 2.6.4
Last Segment 1.0
Magpie RSS Parser 1.3.5
MX Jumper 1.2.2
TruncHTML 2.0
XML Encode

Other Modules installed and running:

Blacklist/Whitelist Blacklist and whitelist module—Not Installed Install
Channel Channel module 2.0.1 Installed Remove
Comment User commenting system 2.3 Installed Remove
Email User Email Module 2.0 Installed Remove
Emoticon Emoticon (smiley) module—Not Installed Install
File File module 1.0.0 Installed Remove
IP to Nation Utility for associating IP addresses with their country—Not Installed Install
jQuery jQuery Module 1.0 Installed Remove
Mailing List Mailing List Manager—Not Installed Install
Member Member management system 2.1 Installed Remove
Metaweblog API Metaweblog API Module—Not Installed Install
Moblog Moblogging Module—Not Installed Install
Pages Uses Channel Entries to make Static pages 2.2 Installed Remove
Query SQL query module for templates—Not Installed Install
Referrer Referrer tracking module 2.1.1 Installed Remove
Rich Text Editor Enables rich text editing in text areas 1.0 Installed Remove
RSS RSS page generating module 2.0 Installed Remove
SafeCracker A better way to create Stand-Alone Entry Forms.—Not Installed Install
Search Search module 2.2 Installed Remove
Simple Commerce Simple, Flexible Commerce Module—Not Installed Install
Statistics Statistics display module 2.0 Installed Remove
Updated Sites Allows other sites to ping you.—Not Installed Install
Wiki A Powerful, Integrated Wiki module—Not Installed Install
Wygwam Wysiwyg editor powered by CKEditor and CKFinder 2.6.3 Installed Remove

The files are all definitely there.

# 3


# 4

i don’t know what to tell you except that it must be something to do with your local server setup. i would double check that the file and the directories it is in are readable.

# 5

Everything is definitely readable. Based on the error, doesn’t it seem like there is a conflict with the /core/EE_Lang.php file?

# 6

no conflict, the error message basically says that the expressionengine/third_party/sitemap/language/english/lang.sitemap.php file cannot be read. can you try re-downloading this file and ensuring that it is readable by your web server.