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1. Image Sitemap 2. Future Entries

Support Request

Lunchbox Collective
Lunchbox Collective

Hi Ben,

Great work on the module! Super easy to set up and get going on everything.

1. Can you provide any additional support to be able to do Google Image Sitemaps:

Not separate sitemaps, but to be able to add this code for each weblog entry, if an image has been uploaded to a custom {image} field.


2. I was reading through this thread and didn’t want to reply in there so to confirm…

If an entry is set to publish in the future, it still gets added automatically to the sitemap as soon as I hit the Save button. If Google crawls my sitemap daily is this going to result in any type of a 404 error in Webmaster Tools, coming from the sitemap itself? Do I have to “open up” the entry details template for Google to be able to crawl the entry by using the show_future_entries=“yes” tag or…?

Your input would be much appreciated!


# 1

hi martin,

1. i hadn’t thought of this before but i’ll consider adding this in a future release, thanks for the suggestion!

2. future entries are not added to the sitemap, are you seeing otherwise?


Lunchbox Collective
# 2
Lunchbox Collective


Right on. I think the best way would be to add an additional field next to each weblog field in your sitemap already where you could add more custom xml code, and make sure that you can reference {whatever custom field name} you have set up to pull the image link, or whatever other information, in.

That would make this product even more impressive!

Keep us posted. :)


# 3

Hey Ben,

Great add-on.

I know this is an old thread but was wondering if this feature was still planned for development?

Google also has sitemap tags for video: