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Can’t Generate Sitemap when Channels included

Support (Resolved)

Tom Spetter
Tom Spetter


I am using Sitemap module 2.4 with ExpressionEngine 2.3.1. I have it installed and can generate a site map when just adding locations, but as soon as I include one of the Channels, I get the following error when I view the rendered sitemap.

Error Number: 1054

Unknown column ‘site_pages’ in ‘field list’

SELECT `site_pages` FROM (`exp_sites`) WHERE `site_id` = ‘1’

Filename: third_party/sitemap/mod.sitemap.php

Line Number: 182

I have cleared the cache, reset the layouts, reinstalled the module, and optimized & repaired the database tables. Nothing worked. Any ideas?

Tom Spetter
# 1
Tom Spetter

I should also mention that I am not using structure.

# 2

hi tom, it was a bug that i have squashed in 2.4.1. should work for you once you update.

Tom Spetter
# 3
Tom Spetter

HI, Thanks for the quick reply. That worked perfectly.