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Where is the sitemap tab



Fine add-on, it is working. But I have three questions:

I don’t see a Sitemap tab when I want to publish something? Module and Sitemap Pinger extension are enabled.

Can I decide, which search engines are notified? Or will the module do this automatic for google, yahoo, bing, ask?

I don’t understand the concept of Locations in the module. It is pre-filled and seems to work. But what means “included” and “update Locations”?

My system: EE 2.1.3, MSM, sitemap module 2.1.1, sitemap extension 1.5

# 1

hi frank,

the sitemap tab only appears in EE 1.6. i’ve been waiting for the show_full_control_panel_end hook to finally be released in EE 2, just checked the EE forecast and apparently it has been, so expect the tab to appear in the next release of the sitemap module due out soon. for now the search engines are pinged only when new entries are published but not when an entry is edited.

all of the search engines are notified, there is no way of choosing except to change the source code.

locations are individual urls that you can optionally include in the sitemap. click on insert new location to add a new url. setting status to include will include the url in the sitemap, exclude will exclude it from the sitemap.

hope that answers all of your questions.