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Many channels not displaying

Support (Resolved)


Using v2

1. Does the addon work with ‘router’?

2. Are there any addons it specifically doesn’t work with or which create problems?

3. Is there a workaround for the fact you cant specify a category for the channel entries? We have thousands of channel entries using many categories per entry, the displayed category group however is fixed per channel.

4. Many of our channels don’t display, pages don’t even display, nor are there any ‘statuses’ options displayed for any of the channels which do not display.

Some assistance would be appreciated,

# 1

Apologies for the late reply, we weren’t getting email notifications for the forums. In reply to your questions:

1. There should be no issue using Router, since for each channel you specify how the URL to each entry should be constructed. So if you’ve setup custom routes for some channels, you would replicate that structure in the URL setting for that channel.

2. The only add-ons we’ve encountered issues with in the past are multilingual add-ons which generate separate entries for each language.

3. If you’re referring to using categories in the URL setting, then no, there is no way around this - if you have multiple categories assigned to an entry, only the first one assigned will be used to replace the category variable in the URL.

4. Are you saying that there are channels which are not appearing in your list of channels in the Sitemap module settings screen? This should definitely not be the case. If you’re able to send an admin login so we can take a look that may help -