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.htaccess issue: solved, sort of…

General (Resolved)


1. Sitemap rendered but with 404 errors from Google Webmaster Tools.
2. Asked for support but developer could not assist problems outside Sitemap (it makes sense, no harm done)
3. Asked for refund, got it: sad, but had credits for more.
4. Had a nice dream where everything was working fine IF I unistalled the .htaccess extension I was using. And that way all the broken links would disappear. Sitemap made me look into this very disturbing reality. And thanks to Hippo’s great article:
5. Bought Sitemap again, installed it , renders sitemap, went to Google Webmaster Tool: accepts map. I’m a happy guy with a site with /index.php/ again in it’s URL but I can live with that.
6. .htaccess has serious issues in virtual hostings.

# 1

thanks for the write-up!