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Simple MailChimp

ExpressionEngine 2

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PHP errors when including mailchimp tag

Bug Report

Mark Horsman
Mark Horsman

I am getting the following errors after installing Simple Mailchimp:

Severity: Notice

Message: Undefined index: actions

Filename: system_messages/ext.system_messages.php

Line Number: 128


Severity: Warning

Message: in_array() []: Wrong datatype for second argument

Filename: system_messages/ext.system_messages.php

Line Number: 128


{exp:simple_mailchimp api_key=“edfrgrggthththtyjhyjyjyj” list_id=“ergrgrtgrtgr”
      error_delimeters=”<p class=‘error’>|</p>”}

Cache folder exists with 777.
EE version: 2.1.3
What am I doing wrong?


Mark Horsman
# 1
Mark Horsman

Helloo!? anybody there?

Mark Horsman
# 2
Mark Horsman

I posted my issue a week ago and still no reaction. I payed 15 dollars for this module so can anyone help me please!?

Jeremy Worboys
# 3
Jeremy Worboys

Unfortunately I am no longer am able to make the time to support my ExpressionEngine add-ons.  Due to this, I have released the code on Github under the MIT license for anyone to take and improve.

Due to my inability to provide support for your issue, I attempted to issue a refund for your purchase. I am only able to issue refunds for add-ons purchased within 30 days, your order does not show in this list. You will need to open request with Devot:ee with your order number and have them process it for you.