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Reloads Page to Top

Bug Report


Hey -

I’m using Simple Mailchimp on

Is there a way to prevent the page from reloading/scrolling to the top after form use (either error for not submitting an email address or in the case of success)?

Jeremy Worboys
# 1
Jeremy Worboys

Hey Michael,

Unfortunately the form action is hard-coded to the current page url.

If you replace line 112 of pi.simple_mailchimp.php with the following, you should be able set a value in the form_id=”“ and the page will jump there on a submit.

$form_details['action'$this->EE->functions->fetch_current_uri() . '#' $this->EE->TMPL->form_id

Disclaimer, I haven’t actually tested the above code.

# 2

Any chance you could test / add that to the core product? Seems like reloading to the top of the page would annoy others besides just me..;)

# 3

OK - I changed the code as you showed and it works. It’s really nice not to scroll back to the top of a long page! Thanks!

# 4

Well, not so fast.

Something odd is going on.

The plugin is working in some places and not others. - this one works fine (either modified or unmodified with your updated code). - works here also.

I’ve had a subscription form on all blog posts etc - but those aren’t working now (and I can’t say for sure they ever were…I don’t know if I tested it everywhere).

I’ve removed the subscription forms from the blog posts for the moment since I don’t want people trying to subscribe and not being able to.

It seems to work in one-template template groups like /book and /newsletter.

It doesn’t work in template groups like /about where one template displays >1 entry or in the blog on the single-entry blog template.

Any ideas?

I can post my htaccess file if that might be it. It’s pretty much EL’s index.php removal, some redirects due to a domain name change, and setting the expires headers to make Google Page Speed happy.