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Two RSVP groups


Dane C Collins
Dane C Collins

On the site I’m building, there is a list of events.  Each event will have a list of “featured guests” (authors, artists, etc) that other visitors to the event may want to meet.  That’s the important part.  But then it would also be great to have a list of regular guests who will be going to the event - but that would need to be a separate list.

Can you think of any way I could pull that off?  If not a way to list regular visitors, at least a way to just list the featured guests (rather than open RSVP) - where I can create the user accounts and assign them to the events manually, but if they request it, I can hand over the login to the featured guests themselves so they can fill in more info and keep their appearances up-to-date.

I was going to create a channel for the featured guests and then use Playa to assign them to the events, but realized the option of giving them access to edit their details, and even just attaching their data to the member accounts rather than a channel, makes much more sense.

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Hi there

It sounds like RSVP won’t be any good for the first half of your problem - it’s really designed for completely self-service responding, there’s no admin interface for you to manually assign people to events. It would be useful for the second part, where standard users can respond the the events if they are attending.

For your problem I would recommend checking out Zoo Visitor - it’s in beta but must be close to release as it has been for a while. I’ve been testing it and it is great, it gives every user a corresponding channel entry which can have custom fields associated with it, but best of all for your situation, it has a multiple relationship field to assign multiple members to a channel entry (which you could use to assign featured guests to the events).

The other way you could possibly do it using RSVP would be to just have one attendance list, but use member groups to filter out the important guests from the regular guests when you display it on your site. But as I mentioned you would need to log in to every featured member account separately and click ‘attending’ for the event to make them appear, since there is no interface to manually add guests to an event.


Dane C Collins
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Dane C Collins

Oh wow, that is exactly what I need!

I think I’ll end up using both.  Unfortunately Zoo Visitor beta is all filled up and they have no way of contacting them to plead a case!  Well, I’ll keep an eye out and hopefully it won’t be long.

Thank you very much!

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Try emailing they might at least be able to give you an update of when it will be released. I haven’t heard anything for a few weeks now, but it’s a pretty good product and we’re using it on a live site already.