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RSVP with Twitter/Facebook

Feature Request

Patrick Haney
Patrick Haney

While I haven’t used RSVP yet, it sounds nearly what I need for my ExpressionEngine site. I run Refresh Boston, where we have monthly events that are free to anyone. I’m tired of using services like Upcoming and Eventbrite and would much rather have an integrated RSVP system within our own site that looks and feels the same as the rest of the site.

The only thing holding me back from using your add-on is that I don’t want to force people to register on the site. I’d much rather have them RSVP using Twitter or Facebook instead, showing their avatar from either along with their name. I’m currently not managing members or accepting new ones through ExpressionEngine, and I’d rather keep it that way.

I realize this isn’t a trivial task to develop, but are there any plans in the future for this type of support in RSVP?

# 1

Hi Patrick

Interesting ideas. Currently RSVP only allows EE members to respond - a few people have mentioned anonymous rsvp support would be good, but there aren’t any development plans underway just yet.

Twitter and Facebook integration would be nice, but I think it would be pretty hard to do, especially supporting both platforms. Users would need to at least accept some sort of Facebook app, by which stage you may as well have just created an EE account for them. Also it would be best just to create the event as a Facebook event and allow people to ‘attend’ that through your site, but from a quick search it’s not possible to do this.

Using the current version probably the best thing I can think of would be if you find some Twitter / Facebook / OAuth login add-on to let people easily create user accounts in one click on your site, then let them RSVP. It would have a pretty similar user experience to what you described above, with the added advantage of you getting a nice member database.

Garden-variety Fool
# 2
Garden-variety Fool

I’m not sure how practical this would be for Patrick’s site (or even if it would be feasible with RSVP), but I wonder if something like Solspace’s Facebook Connect or Shotwell’s Socialee would help SNS users set up EE accounts that could be used to RSVP for your events.