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Any docs?

Support Request


Hi ya,

This looks like it might be exactly what I am after. I don’t suppose you have any docs and a download I could take a look at do you?

Thanks in advance.

# 1

Are you planning to use this with HelpDesk or another system? I will work on packaging it up and getting a preview build out - there are a few tags and lots of docs that I still need to write but it’s basic features are meant to be:

* Query existing tickets with search conditions
* Allow for creation of new tickets
* List comments on tickets
* Allow for creation of new comments

Do you have other requirements?

# 2

Wow, what a legend!

Yeah, I like the look of HelpDesk. I want to keep it native EE if I can. The goal for me would be to basically replicate the functionality on the front end to a certain degree. I have two ideas at the mo.

• Build a custom CRM/HelpDesk using EE for clients
• Just show all activity for a given member and build a project management system.

Both similar projects really. It would be great to see tags that highlighted the main features. Who the ticket is assigned to, dates, notes etc. I have only read the docs for HelpDesk, so not entirely sure what it can do. But the ticketing system we currently use is basically the visable in the front end in the usual format.

I think it is one thing that is lacking from HelpDesk at the mo. I think it would be so awesome to be able to publish the whole conversation - Almost like the developers forums. You can search and see responses. Or, you can heave private project management type posts in users account. So many uses.

I hope that makes sense and isn’t too much.

Thanks again.