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Unable to use Query Field in SafeCracker

Support Request


I have a Query Field field I need to use in SafeCracker. It works fine in the CP Publish and Edit forms but when I use it in a SafeCracker form I get the following error:
  “The query you submitted is not valid.

  Filename: third_party/query_field/ft.query_field.php

  Line Number: 41”

The query works fine in mySQL.

Here is my Safecracker code:
. . .
  <label for=“fv_funding_type”>Funding Type :</label>
        <input type=“text” name=“fv_funding_type” id=“fv_funding_type” value=”“>
        <select id=“fv_funding_type” name=“fv_funding_type” class=“required”>
                    <option value=”{option_value}” {selected}>{option_name}</option>
. . .

Any idea what I am doing wrong?