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Fatal Error using iPhone

Support Request



I have been using Protected Links on a site for awhile without issue but had not tested mobile downloads. Client had an issue trying to download a linked pdf (linked using PL) on her iPhone and couldn’t download the file. Link works fine on desktop.

When I pull up the site on the iOS Simulator and try to download the file linked I get a “Fatal Error” message. File opens fine if I created an unprotected link to the file and open it on the phone.

I’m assuming that the mobile browser either doesn’t understand what to do with the ACT link or there is some sort of incompatibility with mobile Safari and PL.

Is there any way to get PL links working on iOS?

EE version 2.10.1 and PL 2.1.2.



Yuri Salimovskiy
# 1
Yuri Salimovskiy

Hi Kevin,

what is the text of error? Does the file get downloaded at all?

# 2

No error other than “Fatal Error”. And no download.