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Always displays 0.00

Bug Report

Barbara Cinotti
Barbara Cinotti

Hi Steve,

I have this code inside a channel:entries loop:

{exp:price_format price="{products_price}" thousands ="." point="," decimals="2"

1) my field {products_price} is set to none

2) I’ve tried with a simple code like

{exp:price_format price="123456"

and it displays the value correctly 123,456.00

3) I’ve checked my double quote but it seems they are ok

4) I display {products_price} without the price format and it’s ok

I have:
EE 2.5.5
PHP 5.3.3

Can you help me?




Steve Abraham
# 1
Steve Abraham

Hey Barbara,

Sounds to me like you’re hitting against a parse order problem. Do you have anything installed that might affect the parsing order of your templates (such as Stash or similar)?


Barbara Cinotti
# 2
Barbara Cinotti

Thanks Steve for your reply,

No, I don’t have any stash similar addon installed.

However I figure out with the issue, may be this can help someone else.

1) The price data in the text input field came from an import batch.
2) The field content option was set to “ALL”
3) I’ve changed it to “NUMBER” and… all the numbers get their format well (separator and decimal)
4) I’ve changed again to “ALL” and all the numbers get looks well…

.....the issue seems disappeared…I don’t know why but now all numbers work after changed the set for the “Field Content” in the “Field Options”

Thanks again for you support