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Populate #page_url_title when selecting parent

Feature Request


I bought this add-on to help make pages out of already created content, but the #page_url_title wouldn’t populate. It would be helpful to populate #page_url_title when selecting an item from the parent pages dropdown list.

After line 50 in the add-on’s javascript, I added the following:

// Bind the Change event of the Pages Dropdown select field to update the Page URL Title text field.
$("#pages_dropdown").change(function (){

Works for me, but it would be nice to have in core.  Thanks!


Jeremy Gimbel, Conflux Group, Inc.
# 1
Jeremy Gimbel, Conflux Group, Inc.

Thanks for the tip.

I have been planning to revisit Page Helper for a while to add some new functionality to it.

Glad it’s working for you.

# 2

Thanks, Jeremy - this is definitely worth the money!

If you’re revisiting this, I’ll make another request - for already created content, please change the template to the default for the channel.


Jeremy Gimbel, Conflux Group, Inc.
# 3
Jeremy Gimbel, Conflux Group, Inc.

The problem with defaulting is that it’ll change the value without the user ever knowing it was changed. This is the same problem I had with allowing Page Helper to be active when editing an existing page.

Have any suggestions for how you’d like to see that work, such that it doesn’t automatically create a page for entries that don’t need them?

# 4

I’m thinking it would only choose the default page template for the channel if the entry wasn’t a page. Changing the page template won’t create a page - the user would also have to generate the page uri.

Do you mean people wouldn’t know the template was changed because they had the template field hidden in Publish Layouts?