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Trouble displaying Nolan data in a EE Relationship & EE Grid setup

Support Request

Wylie Creative
Wylie Creative

Thanks much for this great plugin. I’ve used it a few sites and it’s great.

I’m having an issue with my latest project where the info I have entered in the Nolan field is not displaying.

I have a set of entries that are Children in a EE Relationship field. In those entries I have a EE Grid field, and one cell of the Grid is a Nolan setup. All the other fields in the Grid are displaying properly, but the Nolan field is not displaying data.

The main Parent channel is “tables” and has a Relationship field called “table_tabs”.
The Child entires are in a channel called “tabs”. Within the Child fields is a EE Grid field called “tab_steps”.

Here is the template structure:

{exp:channel:entries channel="tables"}  // <- Main Parent Channel
{table_tabs} // <- Relationship Field
{table_tabs:tab_steps} <- Child Grid Field
:step_text} <- Child Grid text field that does work properly
<ul class="button-row">
{tab_steps:step_buttons} <- Child Grid Nolan Cell displays no data
<li><a href="{step_button_url}" class="button small blue">{step_button_text}</a></li>

Any ideas?