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Line Breaks in Textarea fieldtype?

Feature Request


It would be really helpful to have more fieldtype choices, or at least some formatting options for the textarea field. At the very least, honoring line breaks would be huge, as there is no way to control that here, but on the normal textarea field you can specify this

# 1

Hi there

My bad, when I released the update I didn’t update the docs which allow you to format textarea inputs.

Here’s the info which I’ll add to the docs when I get a chance:


Nolan comes bundled with a plugin which allows you to add typography parsing to your Nolan Fields.

In the example above, our {bio} field needs to have xhtml parsing applied to convert double line breaks to paragraphs. We can call the Nolan plugin to do this for us.

{exp:nolan:format text_format="xhtml"}{bio}{/exp:nolan:format} 

Acceptable values for the text_format parameter are:

xhtml - full parsing similar to an xhtml custom field
br - similar to an Auto BR custom field
lite - same as ExpresssionEngine entry Title fields (basically xhtml without the paragraph html wrappers)