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mountee vs cpanel templates match??? 

Support Request


Hi, please I use mountee is great… but a I have other person that work on windows! on the same site… so they use the normal cpanel templates; how make for see the same thing???? I mean if I do changes on mountee, he seem the same on the cpanel and If he make changes on cpanel I see the same on mountee??? please help I feel a desmess now, If I do changes on cpanel I dont see the changes on mountee!!! you go it? we need match or something

please help!!

John Ryan
# 1
John Ryan

I just sent you an email about this. In brief, Mountee caches templates to make working, opening and saving faster. But you can switch off caching in Mountee (described here) which will mean the files will be updated every time you open them.

This is pretty much the same as both editing templates in the control panel at the same time, so you can end up overwriting each others changes if you’re not careful!

# 2

ok I do a lot test, and I think I go it; thank you