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Possible conflict with Taxonomy Module

Bug Report


Fresh install of EE2
First time really using EE2 so I have not modified or done anything to the installation.
First module installed was Taxonomy to help build navigation menus
Second install was Miyagi
Miyagi works for any entry that is not a Parent Node within a Taxonomy Node Tree

In other words, my site has pages, some of which have sub-pages, like so:

- Greater Accuracy
- Faster Turn Around
- Increased Profitability
- Engineering
- Surveying
- Marine
- Aviation
Case Studies
About Us

The Miyagi text field works perfectly for entries that are top level pages but NOT “parent pages”, such as the Homepage, About Us, or Contact, as well as for the actual “sub-pages” like Greater Accuracy, Faster Turn Around, etc…

But for entries that DO have “sub-pages”, such as Benefits, or Applications, the Miyagi editor does not work.
When you attempt to edit an entry, the text area field that would normally be the Miyagi editor is simply blank. Nothing shows up at all.

I have tried setting the field type back to text area, saving, then trying Miyagi again, but it does not change anything.

Any ideas?

# 1

Besides the fact that I did not expect anyone in the world to actually use this add-on, just for the record:

So far I am unable to reproduce this error (making assumptions about the setup) and have been in touch with Brent via e-mail right after the bug report has been submitted.